2018 Bicycle Clinics

General Bicycle Care

TBA Winter 2018

Treat your bike right and your bike will treat you to many seasons of reliable service. We will discuss what you need to prepare for an outing by bike and steps you can take to maximize the life of your bike. To you and your bikes health!

Flat Tire Repair

TBA Winter 2018

It’s not “if” you’ll get a flat tire, it’s a matter of when. We will show you how to perform the necessary tasks of fixing a flat tire. This knowledge may save you from being stuck on the side of the road. Participants should bring a bicycle wheel and tire to practice removing and installing a tube (Hint: Bring the front wheel off your bike.)

Basic Bicycle Adjustments

TBA Winter 2018

Click, tick, scrap, squeak, klunk! We dive head first into all sorts of brake and drivetrain adjustments after a quick review of bike part terminology. There will be a Q & A opportunity for more advanced adjustments as well.

Choosing and Fitting your Bicycle

TBA Winter 2018

While we’re sure your perfect bicycle is at Blimp City, we want you to be a well educated and competent bicycle consumer. Let us show you how to find the right bike style and fit for a more comfortable, confident and enjoyable

cycling experience.

Flat Tire Repair Revisited

TBA Winter 2018

Yeah, it’s that important! It may be the difference between walking 20 miles or biking 20 miles (usually as it starts to rain/snow and get dark). If you couldn’t make the first flat tire clinic or you just need more practice, then join us.

Participants should bring a bicycle wheel and tire to practice removing and installing a tube.

2018 Moon Rides

Friday April 27

Friday, May 25

Friday, June 29

Friday, July 27

Friday, August 24

Friday, September 21

Moon Rides begin in front of Blimp City Bike & Hike promptly at 8 p.m., so please plan to arrive by 7:45 p.m.
They are free rides for cyclists of any experience or age.
Riders are required to have a helmet and both front and back light system for their bikes.
These rides are weather dependant so please feel free to give us a call if you are unsure if the ride is taking place.

For the most up-to-date info on local bike rides please visit

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